title: O Superfood
instrumentation: electronic
duration: 8:05
written in: 2014

O Superfood is a mashup of 43 different tracks that cover a wide variety of stylistic ground: rock, pop, jazz, hip-hop, EDM, country, doo-wop, gamelan music, Baroque music, minimalism, German Romanticism and mid-century modernism. Unlike Nineteen, there’s no overarching concept; the connections between samples are pure free association.

I created the piece for an installation at the release party for Spektral Quartet’s Mobile Miniatures project, where it played on a loop inside a transparent landline phone full of colored lights. You can learn more about how I went about deciding what to sample where in Austin Wulliman’s interview with me on the Spektral blog.

Here’s a list of everything I sampled — though I recommend listening to it on its own first, to avoid spoilers!