instrumentation: two keyboards and percussion
duration: 10 minutes
written in: 2012

World plays with musical styles that are culturally associated with the marimba. If you’ve ever wished that Bartók had done the theme music for the ten o’clock news thirty years after his death… if you like your cheesiness with a side of metahistorical commentary… if you’ve always secretly liked Deep Forest, except for the whole “exploitation of developing countries” thing… then this is the piece for you!

(In case you’re wondering, all the cut-up vocal samples are from the same recordings I used in Support Group.)

World was written for the Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players.


Members of the Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players:
  Michael Smith, piano
  Annie Brooks, synthesizer
  Chris Clarino, marimba and djembe
  Kelsey Adams, Xylosynth and maracas
Live at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, 11.15.12
Recorded by Eduardo Leandro

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