title: Thick Line
instrumentation: three or more wind/brass instruments
duration: 4 minutes
written in: 2012

Thick Line was originally written for Eclipse Wind Trio to play at the 2012 Fresh Inc Festival, but it can be performed by any number of wind or brass instruments. All the musicians read from the same score, which specifies rhythms, dynamics, contours and character markings, but not pitches. Each note thus blurs into a rich harmony, and those rich harmonies move up and down in parallel, as if the piece’s melodic line were drawn with a thick piece of charcoal rather than a fine-tipped pencil.


Thick Line appears on Lydia Van Dreel’s album New Millennium Music for Horn. You can get a digital or physical copy from CD Baby:


Idit Shner, saxophone
Oregon Wind Quintet:
  Molly Barth, flute
  Melissa Peña, oboe
  Louis DeMartino, clarinet
  Lydia Van Dreel, horn
  Steve Vacchi, bassoon
live at the Beall Concert Hall, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, 3.4.14

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Eclipse Wind Trio:
  Tyler Graves, trumpet
  Matt Swallow, alto sax
  Raymundo Jacinto, bassoon
Live at Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, IL, 6.16.12

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