title: Three Creatures
instrumentation: electric guitar and electronics
duration: 9 minutes
written in: 2002-6

Three Creatures gathers together three pieces that I wrote on separate occasions for composer-guitarist Mark Dancigers. More Pockmark is a quiet, gentle piece, inspired by experimental improviser Derek Bailey’s oddball take on jazz standards. 3 Arms and 17 1/2 Legs is a manic piece of industrial avant-prog that once prompted composer Jennifer Stock to dub me “the Jeff Koons of music.” Finally, Triggerfish is a friendly piece of underwater minimalism, based on a polyrhythmic delay pattern familiar to music students as “pass the goddamn butter.”


Mark Dancigers, guitar
Studio recordings, 1.9.03 (More Pockmark), 10.4.04 (Triggerfish) and 5.28.06 (3 Arms)

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3. Triggerfish

Dan VanHassel, guitar
Live at the Hot Air Music Festival, San Francisco Conservatory, San Francisco, CA, 3.3.13

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Mark Dancigers, guitar
Live at Roulette, New York, NY, 1.21.09
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Dan VanHassel, guitar
Live at All Asia, Cambridge, MA, 3.26.09